iNTELLSO Connects Everyone and Everything in Your Business. View, control and monitor your entire business operation anytime and anywhere on any type of device. Do not miss the opportunity.

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Introducing intellibiz™--intelligent business system

intellibiz™ is the ‘customizable’ combination and integration of all business systems, solutions and software into ‘One Centralized Paperless System’ connecting all departments & branches of a business for any type and size of enterprise. It is our mission to provide entrepreneurs’ obsession and passion to easily manage and monitor business to help make intelligent decisions with the use of rapid & innovating technology. It is ‘business operation’ and control at a quick glance anytime and anywhere within the palm of your hand.

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Enjoy Life.

One of the hardest things to achieve when success comes to one’s life is the freedom to enjoy the fruit of labor. The CEO becomes the slave of his business. Wondering how to manage, monitor and maintain ‘control’ of the business without sacrificing your time. iNTELLSO through intellibiz™ has made it possible, easier and convenient for CEOs to free themselves from the ‘stress’ of overseeing their business while on vacation, travel and pleasure without worries.

intellibiz™ does the following in the business operation for you -- the CEO:

  • Document Management - store a wide array of files that include contracts, information, data, specifications, plans, etc.
  • Process Automation / Workflow - business process automation
  • Schedule Management and Control - track and control the appointment, meetings and project schedules of one or more departments.
  • Cost Control and Management - a controlled system that allows for the methodical entry of cost data and automated tracking of changes to cost information (e.g., change orders)
  • Reporting Engine and dashboard creation - the engine that allows for stakeholders to make sense of all the data that's stored in the system, and enables informed decision making
  • Business Intelligence - transformation of raw data into meaningful and useful information for business analysis purposes -- very helpful to CEO’s in decision making
  • Security - information, data and business system security
  • CRM - automated system of attracting and retaining customers


Continuous progress and success.

With everything on your business -- automated and centralized -- progress and success has never been easier to reach with security and safety. Everything is properly accounted from human inventory of their ‘time-used-for-work’ to materials -- with accuracy and no human error.

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iNTELLSO offers our customers & partners >> Intelligent Solutions

Long term and lifetime partnership in providing intelligent solutions to your business is our core mission. Whether you have a start-up project to launch, an idea for a custom software solution for your company, or you are engaged in research & development, iNTELLSO is ready to provide full scale software development, web and mobile app development services at each stage of your project.

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Over 33 business owners have trusted iNTELLSO -- total account of PHP 588 million in business.

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Are you a professional or a small business? Get low cost system. Select from our SaaS.

Accounting Management System >> accounting + inventory + payroll + hr Medical Clinic Management System >> emr + clinic administration + vaccine inventory + patient relationship management Small Business Management System >> web + online store + point-of-sale + payment gateway facility


  • HMS >> hospital management system
  • SMS >> school management system
  • CMS >> construction management system
  • TMS >> travel agency management system
  • MLM >> multi-level marketing management system (network marketing)
  • LMS >> loan management system
  • HRM >> hotel & restaurant management system
  • MMS >> manufacturing management system
  • CLS >> crown lending management system
  • GAM >> online games & amusement management system
  • CHM >> church management system

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Strategy & Management


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Director & Co-Founder

Finance & Investment


James Plaza, MD

Director & Co-Founder

Online Sales & Marketing


Neil Espanola

Director & Co-Founder

Information & Technology


Willie Asuncion

Director & Co-Founder

Research & Development

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iNTELLSO Connects Everyone and Everything in Your Business. View, control and monitor your entire business operation anytime and anywhere on any type of device. Do not miss the opportunity.


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